Momstincts and Momuition

I have had quite a few people ask me how the heck I knew my baby girl needed glasses. I mean, she can’t communicate it to me and she has no outward signs of something wrong. I’m most certainly not a baby whisperer mom. I am more of the hot mess, let my baby eat Cheerios off the floor kind of mom.

Well, if we want to get technical it started way before she was even born. Yay for the magic of genetics! When I was 2 my eyes began to cross, at 3 I had corrective surgery, and I have had glasses or contacts ever since! My eye sight is terrible. And my eyes still cross if I’m really tired (which is basically all the time now that I’m a mom ;)) So when you figure that my grandma, my mom, and I all vision problems, it was bound to happen to at least one of my children.

It was a couple of months ago when my alarm bells started ringing, though. I started to notice there were times I’d be playing and talking with Lilly, but she didn’t seem to focus, especially not when I was close. She wouldn’t give me her full genuine smile, it was more of a general, I-know-my-mommy-is-somewhere-around-here smile. So I made a mental note to keep an eye on her. Pun intended. Then she started having the massive freak outs at night. I would pick her up and it was like she was a totally different child. She was screaming, pushing, kicking. The only thing that would calm her was if I firmly said her name and let her feel my face. It was like the touch of my features she recognized, but she couldn’t recognize me with her sight. After another long night of screaming I turned to the internet.

It was honestly a very interesting and wonderful learning experience. Most babies are farsighted, but anything over +3.00 needs glasses. Also, I found out that because I had her eyes checked this young, her eyes most likely won’t cross like mine did! Woo hoo!

So all in all, trust your gut. The #1 thing I have learned as a mom is to trust my instincts. If I feel like something is wrong, 90% of the time, something is wrong. So don’t doubt yourself and do whatever you can to help your babies! Plus, it’s a free check up so how can you go wrong?

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