The Three Wise Camels of Amazon

A little-known fact about Camels is that they are incredible stalkers and hunters. Known to lurk and study their prey for ages, Camels wait until their victims expose a targeted weakness. Like its Tiger cousins, when ready to pounce camel swiftly and precisely soars into action to majestically claim its triumph. They’re truly amazing creatures, and I didn’t make any of this up. Something a bit more believable is that I know these 3 camels ( who are the most important tool you’ll have in shopping on amazon (especially Black Friday), and here’s why. 

Like the wild hunter camel, this tool enables us to research price history on something amazon is telling us is on sale. For example, right now Amazon is telling me this wooden percussion toy I’ve taken a picture of is on sale, $10 down from the normal $40 – which may be true, but I’ve learned to not trust what amazon calls “normal” prices. 

Looking at the price history on camelcamelcamel I see that it was $40 for maybe a day or two a few weeks ago, but before THAT it was lower than the current price for MONTHS. I’d say its “normal” price is more like $25. I bet if I wait a bit I can get it for almost half the price amazon calls normal.

You may have heard me say this before, I’ll say it plenty of times – proper price research is crucial to getting the best bang for your buck. And this percussion toy is a great example of why to do that. In the graphs that CamelCamelCamel provides on each product, we see high and lows from 3 different prices available at any given time on a product. 

 These are the prime price – when amazon ships a product for a vendor – the “other” price - which is anyone selling the product and ships it themselves – and a “used” price, which is amazon’s open box warehouse (read “how to buy used diapers with pictures” to read up on all the treasures we can find there). I can’t over stress how beneficial this is – not only can we make incredibly informed decisions on purchases with amazon, but we can even tell this website to email us if any of the three prices drop back down to a sale we want. I do this for my Oil filters and air filters, and if I’m lucky some of my price watches on baby wipes come through as well like they did yesterday.

 If you’ve read my “how to buy used diapers” overview, this goes great with the price research concept. With Black Friday and Christmas right around the corner, lots of people will be returning gifts – and in turn Amazon will be turning any of those opened boxes to their various warehouses. Keep an eye out for them! Otherwise amazon piles them up and ships them to online liquidators and we miss opportunities as regular retail customers.

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